Welcome to Rockridge Kennel. We have been breeding fine family pets for over 40 years and are  known for our Cockapoos , Schnauzers ...as well as Bichonpoos & Schnoodle puppies.   Rockridge Kennel is Georgia State licensed and inspected, and a North American Cockapoo Registry registered breeder.  We take great pride in our dogs.  Rockridge Kennel does not ship, but we'll be happy to have you arrange a time to come visit us. You can contact us by email or by phone at 478-474-9040. Our mascots will be on duty ready to greet you....   


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Due to germs being brought in thru no fault of your own, I am taking the advice of my vet & not letting anyone in my nursery. Parvo can be brought in on hands, shoes & clothing, & due to the fact that some pups are not old enough for vaccines a disease could spread thru out my nursery. I am protecting my babies...I hope you understand.

                 Please note that  P'Nut,  Mickey, Cricket, Minnie, Gidget  & Splash are "our housepets" below.....THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE

             Pnut  mickey     

                     P'Nut                          Mickey                               Cricket                                  Minnie                                    Gidget


Splash      NACR Breeder

                                                                                                                Splash "Top Dog"



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